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Be humble in your confidence yet courageous...

Hi! I’m Coach Nancy! I’ve been with P2P since May of 2013 first as a member then in October 2013 I got the most amazing phone call of my life from.

Get to know Nancy Wilson even better, below are some interesting facts…

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Be humble in your confidence yet courageous in your character.

“Hi! I’m Coach Nancy! I’ve been with P2P since May of 2013 first as a member then in October 2013, I got the most amazing phone call of my life from Latasha asking if I wanted to be a coach!! The rest is history!

I am a mother of two teenage boys and a wife to an amazing man who drives me to be better every day.

I have a passion for helping people meet their fitness goals no matter where they are at in their journey. I love learning from people and try to focus on growing constantly.

I lovvvvve music, any kind really. If you want to hear Rock, I gotchu, if you love hip hop, I gotchu, if you want to zone out with some EDM I will find some to play, and don’t get me started with Latin Musíca!! I love it all. Heck I’ll even play country, but you gotta help me out with that!

I love Coffee! If you want to get to know me, sit down with me over a cup of coffee and let’s bond! To me, coffee time is ANYTIME!

I love my family! Family time is so important to me. As my boys grow older, they need me less so any time with them is cherished. So is time with my extended family, my sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles and especially my dad ❤️

I love traveling! My husband and I have traveled together in the last couple of years to some far off destinations and it’s been an awesome experience!

I am LOYAL to the SOIL! I cherish and value my friendships. I am a great listener and have a heart like you wouldn’t believe. When I love I love HARD. I’m always there for a friend in need.

In my (late) 40s it’s so important to me to have a regular fitness routine. P2P is my sanctuary, my box, my fitness Disneyland. My place for me, where I can leave it all on the floor and then go about my day knowing I didn’t everything I could physically to continue to work on my health. To me that’s priceless! “

What is your favorite indulgence?

Coffee and baked goods!!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Shopping for fitness clothes.

Which animal embodies your inner Beast? Why?

“I would say a Panda because I relate to this description:
“The panda is a powerful animal inspiring tranquil strength and determination. Under its soft and fuzzy appearances, this animal brings forth the importance of strong personal boundaries to feel safe and grounded in life.” “

Who is your GO-To artist for inspiration?

Missy Elliot!

If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

The power to heal

What do YOU LOVE MOST about yourself?

I love my heart

Who is your Celebrity Crush?

L.L Cool J

What do you love most about working at P2P?

I love that I get to give back that was once given to me. The ability to show people how strong they truly are.

What song reminds you of your childhood?

Come on Eileen

What candy reminds you of your childhood?


If you could replace one actor/actress in a movie with yourself what character and movie would that be?

Salma Hayek In Frida

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