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Welcome back inside of your fitness homes!!! We love love love love all the wonderful posts and awesome feedback we are getting this morning! THANK YOU!

You will see a few changes as you enter like temperate checks at the door, workout pods with 8 feet of space between them from center to center and new entrance and exit routes.

Space is in high demand and limited, so as a courtesy to the rest of our fit family we ask that you cancel your session at  least 1 hour in advance if you are not able to attend, otherwise a Late Cancel/No-Show Fee of $10 will be charged via your card on file without prior notification. By booking your session you confirm that you have not had known exposure to a COVID-19 patient within 14 days and you will abide by county health guidelines including: practicing social distancing, exiting the facility immediately at the end of your session,  wiping down equipment used and wearing a face mask during your visit. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your session or your spot may be forfeited to a member on the waitlist.

To mask or not to mask, THAT is the question….

Masks are required. If you are having difficulty breathing during your work set, you can pull your mask down below your chin to improve breathing. You must pull your mask over your nose and mouth anytime you leave your designated workout pod.

We are excited to continue to serve you and again WELCOME HOME