EVERYONE!! If you’ve never worked out before, WE GOT YOU!! If you have a current fitness regime and you are looking for a fresh and fun way to spice it up, WE GOT YOU!!  If you used to make your health and fitness goals a priority and .. well, life just happened so your goals didn’t, WE GOT YOU! If you are competitive and looking to up your game, WE GOT YOU!!

WE BELIEVE EVERYONE IS AN ATHLETE! We embrace and welcome you, no matter where you are on your journey. Are you looking for a place that is welcoming and unintimidating? A Club where “everyday people” come together in an effort to gain the power, strength, tools and support they need to conquer their goals? A place where all worries and stresses stop for 50 minutes of pure fitness fun? Then yes, you guessed it, WE GOT YOU!!”>


I have been in the BEST shape I have ever been since being a part of P2P. The constant motivation and other small groups has allowed me to try new adventures that I would have never thought of doing before...


“I decided to start living” Inspired by his daughter gracing the stage at Final Weigh-Outs, he took a leap and joined the next challenge by her side. He has lost over 115 pounds and is no longer diabetic.


I can see the results externally and I can feel them mentally. I’m proud of the hard work I’ve put in. I’ve finally found a program that I can be truly successful in – and it’s a lasting success!

MEET TERRA Lost 20 lbs

“It’s my happy place” Always putting others ahead of herself, she had to learn self love again. From the positive energy of P2P’s team members to the determination of fellow fit family in a session, P2P is exactly what she needed to rebuild her mind, body, and spirit!

Meet Kristen & Reuben

They help keep each other accountable with working out regularly and making smart food choices from the P2P meal plan. They have completed a half marathon, obstacle course races, and the Evolution Challenge together. They say, “we wouldn't have achieved these things without the support from our P2P community”


The past several years have really made me look at everything from a totally different perspective and think about life and what is important. We take so many things for granted ... “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” My new healthy lifestyle allowed me the freedom and empowerment to donate a kidney."