LaTasha Renée

10 years ago, almost to the day, I began construction on a building on Willow Pass Road in Concord California that in the following months, would birth what was known as Push Ups 2 Pin Ups.
I often say that my blood and tears are in those walls. I started the company at THEE most difficult chapter of my life.
I was going through a horrible divorce. The economy had fallen and I had just filed bankruptcy, foreclosed on 3 houses and had to move myself, my 2 dogs and my 2 kids into my parents’ home. I had to sell my cars for money so I was driving a 20 year old car given to me by my parents. I was $100,000 in debt and now had trashed credit. When I finally thought I had saved a tiny bit, enough to where I thought we could live on our own again, I was hit with yet another financial blow which was followed by months of my parents paying our rent and filling our fridge and pantry with food because I couldn’t afford to do so myself.
The belly of the beast is a dark place. When you are there, it’s often hard to even imagine a way out. It’s difficult to see how you could possibly be destined for something greater and truthfully, not moving feels safer than moving so it’s easy to become stagnant.
I get it.
“Grace” and “Faith” are 2 of my favorite words. They provide hope and healing. “Shame” and “Fear” are the robbers of joy so refuse to be owners of them and instead lace your life with “Grave” and “Faith”. The darkness doesn’t last forever, I promise. Darkness is given to you as a place to pause and grow. Stop and listen to the message being sent. But the LIGHT on the other side, that belongs to you! It’s YOURS. Own the fact that you are destined for it. Realize that truth, embrace that truth and go out and grab it!! It also helps us build relationships with people.
Effective communication is very important to us. Since it affects our relationships with colleagues, friends or people close to us.
To learn more investigate this site. It’s waiting.
Yeah, life is much better with “Grace” and “Faith” and as my Granny used to say, I’m “feeling pretty good” ♥️

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